Day of mourning follows deadly stampede in Cambodia

By November 24, 2010

(MNN) — Tomorrow will be a national day of mourning in Cambodia in the wake of a deadly stampede November 23 in
the capital city. By
Wednesday, reports were showing 378 who died in the incident and more than 750
were injured. 

The incident occurred at the close of The Water festival which marks the end of the rainy
season. It's
supposed to be a time of rest from work in the rice fields, and millions of
Cambodians visit the capital for the

Thousands watching the boat races in front of the Royal Palace were crammed on a bridge connecting the
country's capital to a small nearby island where the festival and a concert was
being held.  

It is unclear what started the panic, but soon
hundreds were trapped on the narrow bridge and trampled underfoot or crushed by
the weight of those scrambling to get away. The government says an investigation is underway. 

Asian Access touched base with their national director in Cambodia, who lives in Phnom Penh. 

says the team of A2 pastors are fine, but some of the victims are church
members from some congregations in the United Pastors' Fellowship in Phnom Penh.

of these pastors are doing funerals this week. Please keep praying for their
ministry. Ask God for open doors for the

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