Deaf Ministry Coalition unites global efforts

By January 26, 2022

International (MNN) — A new coalition holds promise for change in the global Deaf community.

“Deaf people have been cut off for thousands and thousands of years from a relationship with God through a lack of access to His Word, to training, and other things like that,” DOOR International’s Rob Myers says.

“We’re slowly seeing that change, and this could be a really significant step.”

The Deaf Ministry Coalition coordinates global efforts and makes them more efficient. In other words, it’s a way to work smarter, not harder.

“The goal of the Deaf Ministry Coalition is to be a network and provide information support, best practices, and encouragement to Deaf ministry internationally,” Myers says.

Deaf believers describe the Deaf Ministry Coalition at Deaf Missions’ Christian Leaders Conference in September 2021.
(Photo courtesy of Deaf Missions)

Right now, most Deaf ministries work in complete isolation.

“There may be a Deaf school within one particular community and another ministry trying to train Deaf leaders in a different city. There may be a group that’s excited about starting a Bible translation, but they don’t even know where to begin,” Myers says, describing the situation in Liberia as an example.

“The Deaf Ministry Coalition would bring all of those leaders [together and] make them aware of one another so that they can support one another. And, if I’m an average Deaf person in Liberia, having all of those resources connected means that now I know where I can go to be trained.”

Pray the Deaf Ministry Coalition helps believers become more efficient, and accelerates the work among Deaf communities worldwide.

Less than two percent of the global Deaf population knows and follows Christ.

Soon, “the Deaf Ministry Coalition is going to be launching a website and Facebook page” in partnership with Finishing The Task, Myers says, “so you can be looking for that.”

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“Sharing this information with other people helps us connect these various dots and make people aware of ministry that’s happening worldwide for the purposes of prayer, of giving, and even for the purposes of going,” Myers says.



Whether standing or sitting, if you’re in a group of Deaf people, you will notice that they will form a perfect circle so that everyone can see each other. (Photo, caption courtesy of DOOR International) 

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