Deburman tribe members accept the Gospel

By December 15, 2008

India (MNN) — Amid the still-heavy persecution in India, there is reason to rejoice. By the initiative of two young men, a tribe in Tripura, India is beginning to receive the Gospel.

The Deburman tribe has long been resistant to the Gospel despite many evangelical efforts, according to Mawii Pudaite of Bibles for the World. The tribe consists of about 700,000 people who consider themselves the ruling class of the state. Now, however, the tribe has lightened up significantly to the truth of Christ.

"Recently, two educated [Deburman] young men decided to become followers of Christ after reading the Word of God," says Pudaite. "They became so much in love with the Word of God that they kept on reading for two months non-stop."

After all of their copious reading, the two men put a public address system before the people in the area to spread the Gospel. As a result, Pudaite says that scores of the Deburman believed, and 42 were baptized.

Pudaite says, based on her own experience, that this is a significant breakthrough. "When I think about my own tribe, the first converts were five young men. Today, over 98 percent of my people have become Christian. So we expect great things to happen among the Deburman people of Tripura."

Bibles for the World has been working to provide Bibles across the globe for over 30 years. Mawii and her husband, Ro, are both originally from India and are therefore closely involved in the country. It is certain that the two will follow up with the Deburman and get Bibles into the hands of those who believe.

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