Demand for Urdu Bibles prompts a bold ministry decision

By July 11, 2011

Pakistan (MNN) — A story from Voice of the Martyrs Canada
details the pressures faced by a Christian working in a remote Pakistani

According to the report, the believer was handing out Gospel literature when a group of
Muslims threatened him if he didn't stop. In another city, Christians who work in an evangelist's office are now
under investigation, and authorities are watching their mail.

The notorious blasphemy law also comes into play, imposing
the death penalty on anyone who defames Mohammed, and life in prison for anyone
who defiles the Qur'an. Many Pakistani Christians have been falsely
accused under it.

Against this backdrop, Mawii Pudaite with Bibles For The World says, "In recent months, we have
been getting telephone calls and e-mails with urgent requests for Gospels, New
Testaments, and Bibles in Urdu language for the people in the country of

A partner, Pastor Sahid, has been receiving Urdu Bibles from
India and distributing them among families who lost everything in the 2010 floods. He's been begging for more Scripture because
people have been open to Christ. 

Pudaite says they're beginning to raise the funds to
help. To save money on shipping and
import costs, they'll print within Pakistan. "We can print and distribute the Gospel at 25 cents a copy. The total
cost for 50,000 copies will be $12,500. The great benefit is that there's
Pastor Sahid and his team of evangelists who are on the ground to do the
follow-up and lead individuals and families to Christ."

Although there is great risk involved in this project, "The
believers there have to be very careful. Despite the many obstacles and persecution the church is going through, the church continues to grow."

Pudaite says they're moving forward, confident in the results
of the project. "We have God's promise that His Word will not return void, or
without result. It will produce fruit that will abide. Lives will be
transformed for the glory of God."

BFTW is hoping to raise the funds as soon as possible. In
the meantime, you can pray, give or go. "Pray for revival, spiritual leadership, for
the country of Pakistan and unity among believers." There's another link to the project in our
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  • How can I pay for and distribute 50 children’s bibles in Urdu to a specific address in Pakistan. I would appreciate your help.

    Many thanks,


  • Dear Frances,
    I am called to the people of India/Pakistan. I know many needy Pastors in Pakistan with needy orphans and extremely poor children. If you are still looking to make a eternal difference in the lives of Pakistani kids please consider partnering with me to get Bibles into their hands. Please email me if you are still able and willing and feel lead to give this way.

    Matthew 19:13-15 (KJV) Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. And he laid his hands on them, and departed thence.

  • I have a ministry friend that just asked me for assistance in Pakistan for 50 Bibles for his community. The Pakistani people are hungry for God’s word. I’m looking for partners to help them.

  • Donovan says:

    Hi there. I am looking for Urdu bibles myself, to give to a ministry. Please assist in sourcing these. Thank you

  • Your Name says:

    There is a younhmg man in Pakistan who is Christian and teaching children, poor, in his area about Jesus Christ …he is staring bible studies with the children’s parents …they need Urdu bibles …i have his address in Pakistan …can you help me to get bibles to him…

    RSVP wade Demers Mt.Zion

  • julie says:

    I have a pastor friend in Islamabad that is seeking Bibles to distribute to those that are hungry for the Word. Anyone know of how to best assist with this? Is there someone closer to him/his church that can help? Please send email if you can help, even with referral to someone else. Blessings, Jp

  • I was contacted by a young man in Pakastan that is in need of urdu bibles and i want to help. He asked for 200 dollars to by 40 bibles but if what you say above is true I would like to get some help with getting them more than they will need! Thanks

  • James, will you please leave your email address, or contact me via mine?

    I need help in getting Urdu bibles delivered to Jhelum, Pakistan. Is this something you can help with?

  • I am in contact with 3 different people in Pakistan in need for bibles. Can you help me?

    I am looking at 300

  • We have started to minister into a home church in Faisalabad and are desperate for 200 bibles in Urdu. Please reply here or by email with how to get them.

    God bless you!

  • Wernard says:

    I too have a need for Urdu Bibles for an evangelist whom I support in Faisalabad.

    I would so appreciate it if someone could email me some details of how I can get some Bibles and also Sunday school material and children’s Bibles to my friend. I am in New Zealand and have no idea where to start.

    Many thanks,


  • John says:

    Have made friends in Pakistan. I need Urdu Bibles. Please help..

  • Merv says:

    I came across a string of emails from 2011 about printing and Distributing URDU Bibles in Pak.

    Can you tell me if it is still possible to find a printer / supply of 500 Urdu Bibles in Pakistan?

    Merv Connell (Australia)

  • Ken says:

    I am in contact with a young man in Pakistan who has been ministering house to house and I have established a weekly Bible study over Skype. They only have one Bible. I am trying to get his location so that I can arrange to get him much needed Bibles.

  • I have a Pastor friend in Pakistan in need of 30 Urdu biblesof 30 Urdu bibles. I have the Pakistan mailing address. If you can assist in anyway please send me an email. Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Asad says:

    need 3 urdu bible books complete

  • we have many congregations and doing evangelism and need Bibles urgently.

  • Pastor Asher Kaleem says:

    I am ready to help.

  • Ruth Kramer says:


    Thank you for writing. This story was done when Bibles For the World was still a ministry partner. You can find their contact info here:

    I hope this helps!

  • I want to work on the visions that God has given me to do for the little angels & youth of our community. Please keep me and my visions in your prayers.
    Our Sunday school Needs:
    1. Sunday school books ( Material )
    2. Stationary (pen, pencils, notebooks etc
    3. Worship songs book (in Urdu Language)
    4. Chairs and desks
    5. Uniforms
    6. Mini Bible books for children

  • tim mccrory says:

    Did you purchase the bibles already or are you sending money to them and having them purchase and deliver them? I am looking to purchase Bibles in Urdu and send them to a friend in a village in Pakistan but I do not know where I can purchase them.

  • tim mccrory says:

    what is that young mans name? I too am trying to send bibles to a young man in Pakistan

  • Sharon Felten says:


    To see if Bibles for the World can help you with your need, contact them at this address:

    In Christ Alone,

    Sharon Felten
    Mission Network News

  • Sharon Felten says:


    To see if Bibles for the World can help you with your need, contact them at this address:

    In Christ Alone,

    Sharon Felten
    Mission Network News

  • Sharon Felten says:


    To see if Bibles for the World can help you with your need, contact them at this address:

    In Christ Alone,

    Sharon Felten
    Mission Network News

  • Sharon Felten says:


    To see if Bibles for the World can help you with your need, contact them at this address:

    In Christ Alone,

    Sharon Felten
    Mission Network News

  • Sharon Felten says:


    To see if Bibles for the World can help you with your need, contact them at this address:

    In Christ Alone,

    Sharon Felten
    Mission Network News

  • Sharon Felten says:


    To see if Bibles for the World can help you with your need, contact them at this address:

    In Christ Alone,

    Sharon Felten
    Mission Network News

  • rene davila says:

    I am trying to help a friend gather bibles for their ministry in Pakistan. Could you please send me information on how I can help them?

  • M. Hamilton says:

    I have a facebook friend in Pakistan who is hoping for 100 Bibles. I have the address and phone # to contact. How can I get Urdu Bibles to her and her husband?

  • Sharon Felten says:

    You may contact Bibles for the World to find out how to acquire Urdu Bibles:

  • Your Name says:

    I also have a friend in Pakistan asking for bibles. He said Isis is easily converting people without them. They so desperately need the Word og
    GOD in Urdu.

  • Hi Friends

    I am a DJ and have an online radio station. As a result I have been contacted by a small group of people in Pakistan and now do a weekly Bible study with them.

    They Urgently need Urdu Bibles and resources … if you can help please get in touch.

    Love you in Jesus


  • James Willis says:

    I was wondering if I can specify where some of the Bible’s go with a donation. I also would like information about Pakistan and doing work there.

  • James Willis says:

    I have two Facebook friends in Pakistan. I know one of the is needing Urdu bibles. Is there any way that you can help?

  • I have recently connected to an evangelist in Pakistan and all he asked for is 35 bibles and I was wondering the cost?

  • Joe Inman says:

    We are looking to help get Bibles in the hands of people ion Pakistan. Can someone help me?

  • Noman Amjad says:

    I am executive director at ICCF-Pakistan. We are working in 25 villages of Faislabad-Pakistan. We have 1,250 including women, children, youth. We set up 25 bible study groups. We need 1, 250 Urdu bibles. May we request to all missionary agencies and organizations to send us Urdu bibles at Chak No. 133 / R. B Kamalpur Tehsil Chak Jhumra Distt. Faisalabad – Pakistan.

    In Christ,

    Noman Amjad

  • I am Lieut,Zeeshan Joseph Officer in The Salvation Army Pakistan.I m working in Lahore Pakistan.In where i service this is border area .Many christian is poor but in heard they all are rich.I want in Urdu and English materiel for Sunday school.Bible in Urdu and some books for bible study .You are doing Great service.
    May God Bless You and your work

  • Looking to purchase 40 Bibles in Urdu print. Any info on how to do this would be appreciated

  • I want to help some orphans in Tons Tek Sign Pakistan….anosh said is the contact man there

  • Bless the Lord from whom all blessings flow. I have a ministry Pakistani pastor who has asked me for children books and bibles in Urdu language. Can someone please help me to help this ministry? thank you.

  • Hi Everyone there in the website, We have need some Urdu bible. Because Rural area Christian have need for Urdu bible. Their are not any Pastor. So then me and my wife went to go there for teach to Christian families.

    Regards Evangelist
    (Stand for God Ministry)

  • Your Name says:

    I had been researching to find children’s Bibles in URDU language. A pastor in Pakistan has present and growing need that each child would have their own to read. Do you supply with no cost or what would it cost. Could they have 100? The ministry email I can give you. Thank you for reading. God Bless for any assistance and advice. SHALOM to your ministry and all involved. Sincerest thanks and love , melody manson friend and sister in Christ

  • hello God Bless you !
    i am Pastor Khurram from Pakistan Lahore and i am organizing mega Children Convention with 500 children on 11 august 2017 . i need 100 urdu bibles for free distribute please help us for spread the word of God .

  • Brendan says:

    I have someone in Pakistan who is asking me on facebook to send him money for bibles. He says that they are 8 US dollars each. Does that sound right or am i sending money to fund ISIS?

  • Our small ministry desires to get hold of as many Urdu Bibles that we can get.

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