Deposed Honduran president returns

By September 23, 2009

Honduras (MNN) — Honduran security forces have broken up protests outside the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in support of deposed President Manuel Zelaya. Police surrounded the embassy, where Zelaya is staying in order to disburse the crowd. Zelaya made a surprise return to Honduras Monday, after he was ousted from power in June. Interim authorities say he must face trial.

Tiffany Taylor with Orphan Outreach says, "There has continued to be lots of demonstrations in the streets since this happened in June. There has been lots of upheaval, which has affected ministry, quite honestly, and it's affected the daily lives of the Honduran people."

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Costa Rican President Oscar Arias appealed for calm and dialogue after his return. Arias has been trying to broker a peaceful resolution of the Honduran crisis since it began.

Taylor says, "In November there will new elections for a president, and at that point in time they will be instating a new president. So he's really trying for a last ditch effort to try and get back into the country."

The turmoil doesn't change the situation in Honduras. "There are so many people in need in Honduras. Our mission continues. We've had mission trips go down there. We have mission trips coming up. The need continues no matter what the political situation," says Taylor.

While the upheaval make living difficult, she says it's a great time for the Gospel. "People there are wondering day-to-day about their lives, about the upheaval. And that's a great time to come to them with the Gospel and talk to them about putting God first in their lives."

Taylor is asking you to pray specifically for "safety for our staff, safety for everyone we minister to in Honduras. Pray for the upcoming elections and the new president in November and for our teams that are supposed to be traveling there in December."


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