Despair and hope follow Afghanistan earthquake

By July 8, 2022

Afghanistan (MNN) — The United Nations says 362,000 people in eastern Afghanistan need emergency aid to survive another day. A June 22 earthquake flattened villages and destroyed critical infrastructure.

A believer we’ll call Hossein* says the quake left survivors in despair. “Most of the people I see are hopeless. They think that God forgot them,” he explains.

“They say, ‘we think God hates us.’ But this is not the Gospel message.”

The devastating scenario may be a Gospel opportunity in disguise. “We can help people through the situation and bring the hope of the Gospel [to] them,” Hossein says.

Afghan believers are reaching out to Heart4Iran – desperate for Christ’s Truth and craving the promises of the Gospel! There is a crucial need for Bibles in their native language, Dari, like the one in this photo.
(Photo, caption courtesy of Heart4Iran)

Desperate Afghans frequently reach out to Heart4Iran’s 24-hour call center, opening the door to further conversation.

“Afghans have no hope under the Taliban rule. Many are looking for meaningful answers. A lot of Afghans, especially the young generation, have dreams and visions,” Hossein says.

“We receive calls and messages daily from people who want to know more about Jesus and Christianity.”

Without access to God’s Word or a body of believers, Afghans struggle to know and follow Christ. “There are no Bibles. In fact, Bibles are illegal in Afghanistan,” Hossein says.

Heart4Iran works alongside a network of secret believers and churches in Afghanistan. Together, they’re getting God’s Word and discipleship to those who need it most. Here’s how you can help.

“We need the support of the Christian community to reach Afghanistan, and [serve] the Christians who [are] left behind and the new believers,” Hossein says.




Header image depicts widespread damage in eastern Afghanistan following a June 22 earthquake. (Photo courtesy of Global Catalytic Ministries)