Despite hurricanes, an evangelistic radio ministry in Haiti continues.

By September 16, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–Operation: Saturation, an effort to blanket Haiti with the Gospel, continues to gain steam.

OMS International’s Howard Young recently returned from a trip to the area. Local leaders have already been identified for carrying on the ministry. “We went to Port De Paix, which is the capital of the northwest province and distributed some radios there. There’s a downlink on Isle de la Tortue. We went out there and we put a plaque out there to dedicate it.”

However, OMS reports that missionary flights have sustained losses and expenses due to the hurricanes that hit Florida.

Those obstacles will slow things down, but won’t force a stoppage. Young says there is a lot to do. “We have need for additional funds for radios. We also have need for additional people to pray. We need Christians that will do warfare prayer, and will really ask God for specific cities and towns and ministries that will transform Haiti.”

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