Despite posturing from the BJP, Christians in India maintain a firm grip on their missions vision.

By August 31, 2004

India (MNN)–The Bharatiya Janata Party continues to attack the Sikh-led government, now marking its first hundred days in office.

THE BJP, known for its push on a Hindu State for India, lost its voice spectacularly in the elections in May. Since then, according to general reports, they have proven a vocal opposition in the coalition government.

Mission India's vice president says their teams are watching as BJP tries to regroup after their stunning loss. "The BJP will continue to be a threat since the Congress-led government is a coalition government and they do promote a secular India, which is very positive for Christians and also Muslims."

He says there is still some concern because the BJP may be in denial over their political defeat. He says after years in power, the party became 'strong-willed', and more than likely, hasn't given up on their agenda.

However, the work continues because there are more still unevangelized people groups within India. "Part of their agenda is to make religious conversion within India, a punishable offense. The challenges that face ministries are not much different than before the election. There still is a considerable amount of persecution that is happening in some of the states that bring us the most concern."

He says as they monitor the situation, they hope to keep believers in the West appraised of the conditions surrounding outreach.

That's especially true since many of the still unreached people groups and as yet untranslated languages in Scripture are in India.

Continue to pray for those involved in minstry throughout India.

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