Christians suffering in Myanmar

By August 31, 2004

Myanmar (MNN) – Christians in Myanmar are asking Christians around the world to pray. The military led government is making it difficult for believers to worship freely.

According to Baptist World Allilance the army has forced villagers in Chin State in Myanmar’s northwest to tear down crosses and replaced with Buddhist pagodas. Burma is overwhelmingly Buddhist and Buddhism is the official religion of the government. Some Christian children have been taken away from their families, with promises of a good education, only to be placed in Buddhist monasteries where they’re forced to become novice monks. Some never see their parents again.

Printing Bibles is forbidden and Christians are required to obtain a permit for a gathering of more than five people, other than Sunday services. Any Bible study group or conference requires permits from the Religious Affairs Ministry.

Despite the persecution, BWA’s General Secretary Denton Lotz estimates there are more than two-million believers in Myanmar. While the violence seems to restrict evangelism, it appears it’s have the opposite affect.

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