Digital restrictions can’t stop Chinese Christians

By February 10, 2022

China (MNN) — In China, people have this saying: “The leaders have their measures, and the people have their countermeasures.”

The Chinese Communist Party continues to severely limit media in the country, targeting everything from music to video games to religious content. But that isn’t going to stop Chinese people from using media, and it certainly won’t stop Christians from proclaiming Jesus.

Kurt Rovenstine with Bibles for China uses the illustration of a sandbox on the beach. For years, the government in China turned away as people left the sandbox to play on the beach. Now, they have begun herding people back into the more restrictive sandbox. “As Americans outside of China, we look at the beach and say, ‘Look at all of the things we can’t do because we’re stuck in this little sandbox.’ But the church in China is saying, ‘Hey, there’s a lot in the sandbox we can do.’”

China’s people don’t always follow the rules when it comes to the internet. In fact, China has often been a hotspot for pirated media.

Printed Bibles

Aside from digital loopholes, Rovenstine believes printed Bibles and other books have a future in China’s churches.

That plays into Bibles for China’s plans for 2022. Rovenstine says, “We are looking at a spring distribution that’s in the process of being planned. We will print those Bibles, or have them printed with a partner outside of China. It’s the same Bible, just not printed within China. A late spring distribution is what we have on the calendar. We will print about 50,000.”

Ask God to give creativity to the Chinese Church.



Header photo courtesy of RAMillu on Pixabay.