Discipleship ministry continues in Egypt

By December 13, 2012

Egypt (MNN) — As political uncertainty continues in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East, Christians are still getting the training they need. How? Through correspondence courses.

President of IN Network USA Rody Rodeheaver says, "We have been running a program designed to help disciple believers in the Middle East–particularly in Egypt, then it spreads out to Jordon, Lebanon, Iraq, and places like that."

According to Rodeheaver, "We send out over 8,000 correspondence courses every month to people in that region who are following a program of spiritual growth that's sent to them in Arabic."

How much does it cost? "There isn't a cost," says Rodeheaver. "We're underwriting that through people's donations, through the ministry of IN Network, because we don't want [the cost] to get in the way."

How has the unrest in the region affected the program? "The good thing about a program like this is that it can be carried out quietly through the mail, and the recipient on the other end can get the benefit," Rodeheaver says.

He says it costs up to $25,000 a year to run the program. How can we be involved in a discipleship program in the Middle East? "By being a sponsor in this program. They can give to the IN Network Egypt ministry and just earmark their gift for 'correspondence courses.'"

$25 a month is a suggested donation to support the program. "Our hope is that they are giving by praying and using that material to influence others in terms of Christianity."

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