Disease looms over Haiti’s quake survivors

By February 2, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Officials say food, water and shelter are
critical needs in Haiti. Many remain
exposed to the elements. Clean water and
the lack of sanitation are posing a serious threat to the healthy quake survivors.

Medical workers are also worried about tetanus, as well as
dengue and malaria–both mosquito-borne diseases.

Compassion International is trying to raise funds to meet these needs
during their "Help Haiti with Compassion" campaign.   

Compassion will use the funds
raised to re-equip Compassion's local support infrastructure and provide
food, water, shelter, medical and counseling services to victims of the Haiti
earthquake. They will also donate up to
25% of the funds raised to partner with other ministries to meet needs that are
beyond the scope of their program.

Lives are going to be forever changed by this disaster. MNN's Greg Yoder joined the Compassion team in Port-au-Prince. He explains that there is
tragedy, and there is hope. "Families were devastated by the 7.0
earthquake that struck Haiti January 12. One example is the story of twin
girls, Dashna and Dashne. They'll be two
years old soon. These girls were enrolled in Compassion International's Child
Survival Program.  These little girls
were getting the care they needed."

CSP specialist Terry Laura says CSP intervenes in the life
of a mom. "When she's pregnant, up
until the child is four years old, we intervene in providing medication, skilled
attendant at birth, and mom gets antenatal care. We want to make sure that
nutrition standards are sufficient for that child's development." 

However, Yoder says this set of twins will be raised by two
aunts–one 15, the other 21–because the twins' mother was killed in the
quake. Right now, they're living in a
tent in front of their collapsed home.

Laura said Compassion will help with food, water,
clothing–everything needed to help. "Compassion
doesn't do it on its own; but through the local church, they'll distribute food
and material aids that are necessary."

Yoder asked if sharing the Gospel plays a role. Without
hesitation, she responded that it is "key–it's what the church does

Your gift of $200
will help people get back on their feet with food, water, medicine and even
temporary shelter–a desperate need in Haiti. Click here to help.

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