Distribution of audio Scriptures delayed in three countries

By August 4, 2015
(Image courtesy World Mission)

(Image courtesy of World Mission)

International (MNN) — The goal of World Mission is to bring God’s Word to those who would otherwise never have a chance to experience it.

This Christian organization dedicated to serving third-world countries usually sees success in its mission. But things don’t always go as planned.

Three boxes containing 200 Treasures, a solar-powered, pocket-size device containing audio Scriptures, each has been delayed in Nigeria, India, and Chad. They are waiting to be given to World Mission’s partners in those countries who will distribute them to unreached people groups.

Nigeria and India are ranked #10 and #21, respectively, on the Open Doors World Watch List for persecution against Christians. Believers in these countries can be imprisoned, beaten, or even killed for their faith. In northern Nigeria, Christians fear the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram. Believers in India, especially converts from Hinduism, face increasing hostility from the Hindu majority. Christian material is scarce, and those living in rural parts of these three countries may never hear the story of salvation.

The Treasure is designed to be used in a group listening setting.  (Photo credit World Mission)

The Treasure is designed to be used in a
group listening setting.
(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

That’s why The Treasure is such a vital tool. Over 70% of the world prefers a non-literate form of learning. As World Mission has access to around 5,000 languages and an entire New Testament available in 200 of them, missionaries and evangelists can share Christ with groups that may never have a copy of God’s Word available in their native tongue.

Can you keep these unreached people in your prayers? Pray that God would allow Treasures to reach the World Mission partners. Pray also that God would prepare hearts to receive the Good News and that it would take hold in the lives of the unreached.

You can put a Treasure in the hands of a Gospel worker for $50. Click here to get started, or click here to find other prayer and volunteer opportunities, as well as other ways to get involved with World Mission.

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