Domestic abuse doubles in Lebanon

By March 1, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — As Lebanon emerges from lockdown, other disturbing facts are surfacing, too. A report released by Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces says domestic violence rates nearly doubled in 2020.

Three women were murdered in a span of 10 days last month, including a Lebanese celebrity.

(Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

“You also have children abused at all different levels, and it’s all amplified because of the pandemic,” Heart for Lebanon’s Tom Atema adds.

Lockdowns made it worse, but domestic abuse was problematic before the pandemic.

“Number one, you’re dealing [with] a ‘no shame’ culture so you can’t talk about these topics, even though the younger generation today is talking about these subjects more and more,” Atema explains.

“The other thing to keep in mind is in a Muslim background culture, women are treated as second-rate citizens. They don’t have privileges; they don’t have rights; they do what the men say.”

Heart for Lebanon fosters societal transformation by introducing people to Jesus. As values and mindsets change, so does outward behavior.  Support discipleship efforts here through Heart for Lebanon.

“One of the first behavioral changes we see when a Muslim [man] comes to faith in Jesus Christ is they start respecting their wife and their children,” Atema says.

“God changes everything. You cannot address abuse outside of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and expect a different outcome.”


In the header image, a young girl in Heart for Lebanon’s Hope on Wheels Club shares her testimony: “Before I joined this club I was a shy girl, I had very low self-esteem, and all that I remember is that I didn’t care about anything. Today I stand before my mirror saying that I’m beautiful and knowing that God made me special and wants me to be His.”  (Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon via Facebook)