Scripture demand spikes during pandemic

By March 1, 2021

International (MNN) — A 48-page Scripture booklet and a snowflake have much in common. Alone, each one seems insignificant. Get a bunch of them together in one place, and they can unleash a lot of power.

Requests for God’s Word are pouring into World Missionary Press like a cascading avalanche of snow. WMP’s Helen Williams and her team fill the orders as quickly as possible.

“We’re between 80 to 90 million on order all the time. That’s almost a year’s production just to meet the orders that are on my desk now,” Williams says.

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press via Facebook)

“I’ve been here 24 years. When I first started, we were printing about three-and-a-half million a month. Now, we are printing 10 million a month, and still not able to meet all the requests.”

Struggling to fill orders is not a matter of efficiency, but demand.

“We’re turning things over at a better pace but the requests keep coming in. I think a lot of it is a moving of the Spirit among the Church to see the need and the opportunities, and the time is short,” Williams explains.

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These Gospel workers are finding creative ways to reach people during the pandemic. “They ordered, for instance, the Bible studies and they [put] it in with food packages and humanitarian things,” Williams describes as an example.

“People are in greater need individually and they’re looking for something. The Church is now offering not only humanitarian aid but hope through the Word.”

Like a snowflake or Scripture booklet, a single dollar doesn’t seem like much. But when added to gifts from other people, that dollar can fill a 40-foot container with God’s Word.

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