Donations help children find safety

By July 30, 2007

India (MNN) — The issue of children sold into sexual slavery has plagued India and other
countries for many years. It has caught the eye of India Partners who is now doing something to stop the destruction of children's lives.

In one case, a 14-year-old girl was sold to a brothel for $25 because her mother had passed away and her father was an alcoholic. "It is unfortunately common," said Brent
Hample of India Partners.

"I'm sure that the children are just in a very dark place. They are forced to leave their homes, their villages, their families," said Hample. "A lot of them will just give up on living. They have no hope." Hample says they deal with incomprehensible emotional trauma since they must simply shut-down to cope with the situation they are in.

When the children are rescued, they are usually transported out of the city or area where they have been enslaved. From there, they are brought to a safe place like a boarding school, orphanage or hostel. 

India Partners' CSW/HIV fund will be used to rescue these children. Their mission is "to bring them to safe places and to build these places: to buy the land, to build the buildings; to provide food, clothing, and all that's needed for these children to survive," said Hample. 

As Christians, Hample says we need to take charge. "These children are just treated like trash.  No one cares for them or their lives. So we need to step up as Christians and say, ‘No!' Every life is valuable, every life is precious to God, no matter what country they're in, no matter the situation, no matter where they are or what their needs are. We need to do something. We need to act." 

Click here to donate and be sure to designate that it is for the CSW/HIV fund.

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