Donors meet for UN Haiti aid conference

By April 1, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — An international
donor conference kicked off Wednesday on
the reconstruction of Haiti. They're looking to raise billions to help
Haiti rise from the rubble of January's quake.

However, a U.S. government report showed that $4 billion in aid sent to pre-quake
Haiti over the course of 20 years has
had little lasting impact on the country's poverty and need.   

Corruption, disorganization and a
lack of government oversight contributed to the problems.

Eva DeHart with For Haiti With Love
explains what will make this billion
dollar aid effort work this time around. "What this meeting is aimed at is pulling all of those efforts
together, under the guidance of the Haitian government, pooling all of the

In other words, rebuilding Haiti
starts with rebuilding a new government to run the country. It's a do-over of major proportions. DeHart says there's a shift in priorities,
too. "One of the focuses of Haiti
is going to be the redistribution of everything because they have always
focused on Port-au-Prince." 

They don't expect to see major
changes to the way their teams minister to the poor.   

While the government re-organization
issues are sorted out, people are still in need.  For Haiti is responding.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines recently
opened their cargo holds to established charities working in Haiti. Their
gracious offer will allow FHWL, for the duration of this crisis and relief
effort, to ship supplies of all types from the U.S. to their Haitian
headquarters at no cost.

This will save thousands of
dollars each week, money dedicated toward more food, more medical supplies, and
more shelter for the Haitian people.

The Burn Advocates Network is also
helping with medical supplies as well as food for the hunger relief programs.
Their generosity also granted the FHWL team the privilege of distributing
thousands of pounds of orthopedic supplies to other hospitals in north Haiti
that are dealing with quake victim bone fractures and amputations.

In the heart of the recent
devastation, they celebrate the new networking and cooperation in Cap Haitien. Each day God opens new doors to new friends
and new partner organizations, all of which will allow FHWL to reach further
and do more to alleviate suffering.

This newfound cooperation may be
improved by the national re-boot being proposed by international donors. What's
most exciting about starting over, DeHart says, is that they're seeing changed
hearts and a great movement of the Holy Spirit. "This could be God's
blessing from Satan's intent for evil. We've got the greatest revival going on
in Haiti that I've seen in 40 years. People are really focused and they're
really praying." 

You can help For Haiti with
Love. Click here for details.

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