DOOR celebrates four decades of ministry among the Deaf

By January 19, 2024

Int’l (MNN) — This year DOOR International celebrates four decades of gospel ministry among the Deaf, and you’re invited to celebrate with them.

Rob Myers with DOOR says the ministry began as an idea from a young woman in 1984. “She grew up watching her father, who was an incredibly skilled Deaf leader, a wonderful teacher. [He] wanted to become a missionary to other Deaf people in other countries.”

Her father applied to around 50 different missions agencies and was denied by them all. The reason given by every agency? He was Deaf.

“This young woman felt that was wrong, that every person in God’s Kingdom has been given skills, and Deaf people shouldn’t be limited by their deafness to be able to be trained and reach other Deaf communities with the gospel,” says Myers.

“She, alongside several deaf leaders, began a ministry that was originally based in Texas and was focused on the U.S.”

Throughout the following ten plus years, God led the young ministry to realize that the need for the gospel among Deaf people worldwide was massive. DOOR International was founded in 1999. It focuses on Bible translation, church planting and evangelism by the Deaf to Deaf around the world.

“While our organization itself officially will be celebrating the 25th anniversary, we like to say that we have ministry legacy that goes all the way back to 40 years,” says Meyers.

(Photo courtesy of DOOR International)

DOOR is planning celebrations in Nairobi, Kenya in August and the U.S. in October, in addition to several smaller, regional gatherings.

“[We have] around 230 staff globally, so we’re looking for as many ways both online and in-person that we can leverage opportunities to celebrate what God has done, but also look forward into the future of what God’s going to do through the seeds that have been planted over the last 40 years,” says Myers.

“We would love for as many people to be able to celebrate this great milestone with us. If you like and follow our page, then as we begin to put out information about our celebrations, you’ll be some of the first to know about what’s happening.”

Learn more at and connect with them on social media to celebrate God’s faithfulness together.


Header photo courtesy of DOOR International.

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