DOOR collects data to improve Sign Language Translation Tool

By May 1, 2023

International (MNN) — A few months ago, we told you about the Sign Language Bible Translation Tool, a critical new resource developed for Deaf believers.

Today, “it is past the beta point; teams are using all of the functionality that’s available right now,” Rob Myers of DOOR International says.

Sign Language Translation Tool in use.
(Screenshot courtesy of Stuart Thiessen via DOOR International)

“We have a couple of staff members who are meeting with teams, gathering information, and finding out what functionality is missing to improve the quality of the tool and how it matches the needs of the community.”

Tools like the SLTT allow Deaf Christians to reach the world’s unreached Deaf communities. Less than two percent of the global Deaf population can access Scripture or a Deaf church.

Thankfully, this statistic is changing. “Technology has allowed Deaf ministry to blossom in the last 20 to 30 years where it couldn’t before,” Myers says.

“Good sign language communication is visual; it’s [taking place through] video” instead of written text.

Change happens faster with help from people like you. “If this is the first time you’re hearing about Deaf ministry, God’s putting this on your radar to let other people know, too, so spread the word!” Myers says.

“Many people (Christians) don’t even realize that Deaf communities are cut off from the Gospel,” he continues.

“We don’t want Deaf ministry and Deaf people to be the last part of the Great Commission.”

Along with raising awareness, Myers describes two tactical ways to support DOOR’s efforts.

“First, I strongly encourage people to pray for the existing translation work. DOOR has a prayer calendar that we put out regularly,” he says. Download a copy of the prayer calendar here.

Secondly, “If you have financial resources and feel the Lord’s prompting, we would love to see your partnership in this incredibly critical work.”

Explore ways to invest in DOOR’s work here.



Header image depicts the Notes section of the Sign Language Translation Tool, which allows team members to communicate their thoughts in written or signed form.(Screenshot courtesy of Stuart Thiessen via DOOR International)