Dorcas discovers clean water, Living Water

By August 3, 2022

Kenya (MNN) — Clean water is a precious commodity in rural Kenya. Dorcas knew she could never waste it.

Most people in rural villages “get their water from what they call ‘dams,’ which are just holes they’ve dug and (rain) water catches in them. Or, [they go to] river sources,” Kenya Hope’s Joy Mueller says.

“All the wild animals, domestic animals, and the people get their water from [the same] source.”

One day, a group of men with big metal creatures came to Dorcas’s village. These creatures had long noses, and when they stuck them in the ground, water came out everywhere.

It’s a new day for Dorcas and her community… a day when they no longer have to walk miles to get their water and carry it home on their backs!
(Photo, caption courtesy of Kenya Hope)

“She kept begging the men, ‘Turn it off, turn it off! You’re wasting the water!’” Muller says.

“All night long, she didn’t sleep because all she could think about was all that water being wasted on to the ground.”

Later, Dorcas learned why she didn’t have to worry. Everything happened according to a master plan, and that plan was for her good. “[The crews] were doing the 24-hour flush; that tells us how much volume we have,” Mueller explains.

“God has provided for us (Kenya Hope) to drill three wells; they call them boreholes.”

Dorcas wasn’t the only one confounded by the drilling process. In one village, “this old man looked at the ground and kept saying, ‘Where is this water coming from?!’” Mueller says.

“His only knowledge of water was either a river or rain. He had no idea that water came up out of the ground.”

Help Kenya Hope deliver clean water and Living Water to more villages.

“We’re bringing audio Bibles” to each village that received a new well, Mueller says.

“People who are illiterate and could never read God’s Word for themselves, now they’re hearing it for the first time.”



Header and story images courtesy of Kenya Hope.

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