Double disaster slams Haiti, believers coordinate aid and broadcast hope

By August 17, 2021

Haiti (MNN) — Haiti is reeling from back-to-back disasters. A 7.2-magnitude earthquake rocked southwest Haiti on Saturday, killing more than 1,200 people. Then, Tropical Depression Grace swept through the same region, deluging survivors and hampering rescue efforts yesterday.

“The heavy rains, landslides, flooding, [are] a nightmare for disaster relief,” says Kate Michel, Global Communications & Fundraising Director at Radio 4VEH, a Trans World Radio (TWR) partner in Haiti.

Radio 4VEH is headquartered in Cap-Haïtien on the northern side of Haiti while new station 98.5 FM is located in Les Cayes, the center of the “quake zone.” It is reportedly the only station still on the air in Les Cayes. “We are broadcasting the latest news, the relief effort, as well as God’s Word,” Michel says.

(Photo courtesy of TWR)

“We know people just need to cling to the knowledge of who God is, His grace, and His peace, in these times.”

Follow Radio 4VEH on Facebook for regular updates. “We urge people to be praying for Haiti; for those who are trying to help; and for God’s hand of protection to be on the most vulnerable, today and in the days ahead,” Michel says.

“We know we’re often asking for prayer for Haiti, and sometimes it can seem like it’s never-ending. But trust me, we see God working miracles every day in Haiti.”

Send tangible help to Haiti through Radio 4VEH here. Currently, “the biggest need, apart from [rescue] efforts and medical help, is food and water,” Michel says.

Meeting tragedy with hope

As described here, Saturday’s earthquake occurred along the same fault lines as a 7.0-magnitude 2010 earthquake that left Port-au-Prince in shambles. That quake claimed more than 200,000 casualties, and estimated losses totaled $7.8 billion.

The fallout from this weekend’s disaster could rise to similar heights. “The whole of Haiti is affected [by the August 14 earthquake], even though the physical damage is located in the southwestern peninsula,” Michel says.

“Nearly every Haitian [and] Haitians living abroad are going through some of those traumatic reminders of the terrible earthquake in 2010.”

Pray for endurance as believers broadcast critical updates and the hope of Christ.
(Photo courtesy of Radio 4VEH)

A special trauma counseling program broadcast regularly by 4VEH helps Haitians deal with psychological fallout. “We spent a lot of time after the 2010 earthquake on helping people understand what trauma is, how people may react, and what kind of healing is possible,” Michel says, describing the program.

It’s an essential tool when difficult seasons like these stir painful flashbacks. Learn why earthquakes in Haiti are so catastrophic.

“The aftershocks are terrifying. Some of the aftershocks in the first 24 hours were very strong and [could] be felt miles and miles away, even on the north coast of Haiti, where our main broadcast center is,” Michel says.



Header image courtesy of Radio 4VEH.