Drone attack on Moscow: A stark contrast to life in Ukraine

By June 1, 2023
Russia, Moscow

Russia/Ukraine (MNN) — The Kremlin accused Ukraine of drone attacks on civilian areas of Moscow Tuesday morning. Russian President Vladimir Putin responded saying Ukraine is trying to frighten Russian citizens, and condemned the attack.

A few buildings in Moscow had minor damage and some residents were evacuated from their homes.

The drone attacks on Moscow stand in stark contrast to the reality of attacks Ukrainians face every day since the Russian invasion last year.

Eric Mock with Slavic Gospel Association recently visited ministry partners in Ukraine. He says, “One of the ladies told me, ‘I have two lives. I have the life that I lived before the invasion with thoughts of retirement and thoughts of grandchildren and thoughts of the life that I lived in free Ukraine. Now I have the life that I live after the war. It’s an unknown life…. I just try to get through one day at a time and it’s a new context.’

“She says, ‘Before, it was a quiet night’s rest. Now, it’s air raid sirens and explosions every night.’”

(Photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association)

To try and introduce a sense of normalcy, SGA is hosting Gospel-based Summer Bible Camps in safe areas of Ukraine for kids. These are the same children who have to hide or run when the air raid sirens go off, and who live in fear of a rocket hitting their home or school.

Mock says, “You cannot imagine how much it means to these kids to have a week or two away in the countryside to hear about the hope they have in Jesus.”

You can support SGA’s Summer Bible Camps here! It just costs $41 for one child to attend Summer Bible Camp and hear the Gospel.

Ultimately, the message from the Ukrainian Church is a spiritual lesson they have learned and want use to challenge others.

Mock says, “As the people in Ukraine will tell you, they thought they had a different life and in a moment, it all radically changed. So don’t put off till tomorrow getting right with God through faith in Christ. It must be done today.”








Header photo courtesy of Michael Parulava/Unsplash.