World Food Program releases more aid as Lebanon deteriorates

By June 1, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — Conditions worsen weekly in Lebanon. The World Food Program just released another cash infusion to keep thousands of Lebanon’s most vulnerable families from starving.

Between January and April, the Lebanese pound lost nearly 50 percent of its already-depreciated value. Today, the pound is worth less than one percent of a penny, and inflation is in triple digits.

“There are so many problems, so many crises; so many people knocking on our door every day – Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian, Lebanese – all [need] help,” Heart for Lebanon’s Tom Atema says.

Even essentials like food and clean water are hard to come by. The prices of food have increased by 115 percent since January.

Along with meeting the needs of today, Heart for Lebanon offers hope for tomorrow.

As they receive aid from Heart for Lebanon, “people regularly say, ‘What’s the answer to all these problems? Where’s this headed?’” Atema says.

“We take those conversations, turn them around, and say, ‘Well, I don’t know what the future holds. But I know Who holds the future, and His name is Jesus.’ More times than not, they’ll say, ‘Who’s Jesus? We have no idea.’”

Join Heart for Lebanon’s prayer team here.

Pray for the many Bible studies underway, reaching over a thousand participants each month. Pray that as people change by knowing and following Jesus, the country will change for the better.

Atema says corruption led to Lebanon’s current state of affairs. “[Politicians] focused on themselves and not on the good of the country or the good of the people,” he explains.

“The only way you’re going to fight corruption is by building a team of value-based people firmly rooted in the Word of God so they can share their faith personally and openly [with] their people group.”




Header image courtesy of Heart for Lebanon.

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