e3 trips focus on sharing Christ’s holistic love

By September 28, 2018

International (MNN) — e3 Partners’ vision and mission is to see the Gospel spread across the globe. e3’s Jeff Johnston says one of the ways the ministry does this is through trips focused on a particular cause, like a medical trip.

“A lot of the places that we try to go aren’t necessarily friendly towards Christians or friendly towards people that are coming solely for that purpose. So, having an additional purpose to be there in the country opens up opportunities for more evangelism,” Johnston explains.

Trips and Causes

However, e3 is also concerned about meeting the physical and mental needs of individuals, too. In a way, these trips bring holistic love in Jesus’ name.

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“If you can heal someone spiritually, then that’s huge. Having that rock of Jesus, that foundation underneath you is huge. But there [are] also physical needs. Our medical trips can help with those and that’s kind of an opportunity for us to take people who have a love for Christ and have an expertise in the medical field…and really show the love of Jesus,” Johnston shares.

E3 has other causes related to sports, refugees, human trafficking, community transformation, the least reached, family, and orality.

During sports camps, e3 attendees have the chance to invest in kids’ lives. Community transformation trips provide an opportunity to address physical health, community function, farming, and more. In communities where they Gospel has yet to finish being translated, the orality trips offer a time of encouragement while sharing God’s Word and His story.

However, when e3 teams show up to answer physical needs, people usually begin asking questions. “Why are you here? Why are you helping? Why do you care?” This conversation starter ultimately leads to Jesus, His love, and His sacrifice on the cross.

Sharing Christ in Russia

In fact, this happened during an e3 medical trip to Russia just last year. A woman named Diana had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. At 75-years-old, Diana had high blood pressure and had already suffered several mini-strokes. Diana came to the e3 medical clinic to see if there was any way they could help her.

After hearing Diana’s story, the team asked if they could pray for her. Diana’s response—“How much does prayer cost?”

(Photo courtesy of e3 Partners)

“That was her mindset going into all this was how much is this going to cost me. The team kind of smiled when she asked that question and just felt like it was a perfect opportunity to share the Gospel with her,” Johnston says.

“They explained to Diana that prayer is a gift from God, just as salvation through Jesus is a free gift of God’s love and grace. They said that Diana was shocked when she heard this…she was expecting them to give her a financial amount…she was not expecting to hear that.”

Afterward, Diana kept asking more about Christ’s love and grace. It was clear to the team God was at work in Diana’s heart. Caring for her physical needs, the medical team referred Diana to a local Parkinson’s specialist. The team also connected her to a local church. Johnston says a woman from the church has committed to discipling Diana.

Interested in taking a trip? Connect with e3 and see how your talents can be used to meet physical needs while opening doors for the Gospel.

Learn more about e3 Partners’ causes and opportunities for upcoming trips here.

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