Earthquake may change plans for Bible ministry

By April 23, 2013

USA (MNN) — The 6.6 magnitude earthquake in China could cause a ministry to change its plans for ministry next month.

Barry Werner with Bibles for China says a team of people were hoping to go to the region to hand out Bibles,legally. "We didn't have actual confirmation that we could go into the area, but we had requested it; and almost always you can get into the areas you request if you've been there in the past. I'm not exactly sure how it will affect the distribution, but my best guess is that we probably will not get into the area."

Werner says roads are blocked and government officials are focusing on getting aid into the region.

While the Chengdu distribution may not happen, they're still planning to distribute Bibles with two different groups. "I'll lead one team in. Then we're sending in a second team just a little bit behind us, made up entirely of young people," says Werner.

Werner says his team "will go out early in the morning and work until late at night. And we'll go to as many churches as we possibly can. For the Gen Y trip, what we've planned is that they'll go to two churches a day — one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Then [they'll] meet with them, share with them about their church, and then send Bibles back with those groups."

Bible for China works with the registered churches. Werner says this kind of Bible distribution is effective. "People read them cover-to-cover in six weeks, share that Bible with five other people in their family or their friends in the first year, and three of those five people come to Christ."

The trips begin May 5. While you may not be able to go, you can pray and you can give. "I think there's going to be way more people than there's going to be Bibles. We just need people who will sponsor Bibles. They're $5 a piece. We have, through the end of the year, a matching program."

Your gift of $100 purchase 40 Bibles. If you'd like to be a Bible sponsor, or would like to go on a future trip, click here.

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