East African secondary school teaches freedom in Christ

By March 6, 2023

East Africa (MNN) – A new secondary school in East Africa is making waves. Set Free Ministries founded Light Academy as a Christian alternative to the few school options available for teens. Now, the 260 students even include the children of local witch doctors.

Dave McIntyre with Set Free says, “They’re seeing the difference that our schools are making, and they want their kids to be a part of it.”

Meanwhile, the students are seeing and learning a different way to live.

Witchcraft is a common part of life in the area around Light Academy. The bonds can be difficult to break. Even some pastors have been known to have shrines at home for the local spirits.

“So this is a major battleground to get people to renounce witchcraft and idolatry and make a clean break with it,” says McIntyre.

But God is revealing His power, and people are drawing to Him. When the son of a witch doctor was suffering spiritual attacks, his father wanted to bring him to their shrine. The boy refused. Instead, he asked to go to the church.

McIntyre says, “He was taken to the church where they prayed over him, and this thing was cast out, and he went home fine. I asked our African director, ‘Well, how did the father react to that when his boy came back?’

“And he just smiled, and he said, ‘When you receive your child back clothed and in his right mind, it’s hard to be upset.’”

Light Academy is showing the power of Christ to not only the students but the whole community. The physical buildings of Light Academy are also a testimony of what God can do. It is no secret that sacrifices had not been made for the building project. Before the school was built, people in the region expressed doubts that it could be done. But, one after another, the buildings went up.

“They see the power that, no, we do not have to obey Satan and his forces and practice tribal witchcraft and sacrifice to demons to get things done,” says McIntyre. “And they’re seeing the power of Christ literally building those buildings.

Even teachers at Light Academy who were once afraid of witchcraft have since found total freedom in Jesus.

“That’s one of the things we stress at the school was our identity in Christ,” says McIntyre, “that we’ve been transported out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. And Satan has no more authority over us.”

You can help more students find spiritual freedom at Light Academy. Learn how with Set Free Ministries.


Photo courtesy of Set Free Ministries.

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