Light Academy introduces students to Christ

By February 17, 2023

East Africa (MNN) — Two-thirds of teen girls have dropped out of school in one East African nation, and more than half of teen boys are out.

Set Free Ministries seeks to introduce the Next Generation to Christ through Light Academy. It’s a brand-new secondary school offering Christian education and vocational training.

Unfortunately, “a large campus of buildings going up in a very impoverished area attract[s] a lot of attention from the government,” Set Free’s Dave McIntyre says.

Thankfully, Set Free was prepared. “They’ve examined our books and saw everything was in order. They know where the money’s coming from and why [the school is] being built, and it is a testimony to them,” McIntyre says.

“A place they have largely abandoned is where the Lord shows himself powerfully.”

Last year, 145 students enrolled at Light Academy, and 260 students began a new term last month. Pray for teachers and staff as they introduce kids to Jesus and the spiritual freedom He offers.

“All of our teachers are believers and trained to evangelize and disciple these kids,” McIntyre says.

Help Set Free launch kids into a Christ-centered future here.

“Often, we think of our faith as knowledge. We know Scripture, [and] we know the truth, but you really see miracles happen when you put it (faith) into practice,” McIntyre says.

“Our faith is not so much what we know, it’s what we do, and it all starts with obedience. Things happen when you obey [and] step out in faith; when you go to a dark place and shine a bright light.”



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