Economic troubles deteriorate medical care In Zimbabwe

By August 3, 2009

Zimbabwe (MNN) — The situation in Zimbabwe continues to

The unemployment rate has sky-rocketed to 94 percent. According
to BBC News, the inflation rate is higher than any other independent nation in
the world, and it is thought that around 3,000 people leave Zimbabwe for
neighboring countries, Europe, or the U.S. every day.

"Zimbabwe has just about the worst-performing economy in the
world," according to BBC News.

Global Aid Network reports that it is hard to simply obtain the
basic necessities of food and clean water. Also, hospitals and medical clinic
have deteriorated, and too many people are dying from preventable diseases.

Back in May, GAiN took a short-term team,
consisting of ten members, to Zimbabwe. The team delivered  a 35-foot self-contained medical
mobile unit to help provide for the needs of as many Zimbabweans as possible.

Since May, GAiN has continued their partnership with LIFE
Ministry Zimbabwe in providing medical care and sharing Christ's love and hope
with these people who need it so bad.

Their main goal is to reach the rural areas of Gokwe, Dinga,
Mudzi and Muzarabani with the clinic, as well as the Gospel message. As they establish
the clinic, they will provide basic health care, medical supplies, vaccinations
and treatments for cholera and malaria.

GAiN believes they will be able to impact thousands of people
in this outreach to Zimbabwe. If you would like to help GAiN in this mission,
click here.

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