The economy of China may hurt Gospel influence

By May 8, 2015
(Photo courtesy of China Partner)

(Photo courtesy of China Partner)

China (MNN) — In some ways, China is improving. Although the GDP is predicted to be at 7% in 2015–down from 10% four years ago, the middle class is expanding. An increasing amount of people say they are satisfied with their living conditions.

For Chinese Christians, hostility has decreased. They may still face backlash, but they are legally allowed to worship God, and churches are popping up around the country. Open Doors USA ranks China as the 29th most-persecuted country in the world and give it a “moderate persecution” ranking.

But surprisingly, this does not necessarily mean more Chinese will pursue careers doing God’s work. With the improvement of living conditions, materialism has become a large problem. Chinese Christians who once considered attending seminary or taking Bible training courses are seeking more lucrative jobs in big cities like Beijing.

China Partner is one organization concerned by this shift. This mission group aims to be “trainers of trainers” and “disciplers of disciples.” Its goal is to develop trained pastors who can lead churches or run discipleship programs to bring the Gospel message to the lost in China.

This is a difficult task when many Christians are becoming less interested in ministry and more focused on gaining wealth.

Sometimes, however, their pursuits are justifiable. The Chinese culture expects children to provide for their parents as they get old. They therefore need a dependable source of income to make sure their parents’ needs are met.

Others, however, seek wealth as a means to happiness.

In order to respond to the changing mindset of the Chinese people, China Partner has been trying to find new means of raising disciples. Some of its members recently returned from China, where they taught effective means of spreading the Gospel to over 250 pastors and church leaders. One area they emphasized was how to impact hearts in a small-group setting, as well as the best ways to reach younger Christians. China Partner realizes that times are changing, and with changing times come changing the way it disciples, train, and equips.

Can you help China Partner as it works to bring the good news to the world’s largest country? Here are a few things you can do:

  • Pray that China Partner would discover new means of inspiring and equipping Christians for the Lord’s work.
  • Praise God that China is slowly becoming more open to the Gospel! Pray that God would continue to soften the hearts of Chinese government officials.
  • Consider giving financially to China Partner by clicking here.


  • Elvinharden says:

    Very intresting article

  • Reagan Hoezee says:


  • The problem is partly theological. Eschatology (all aspects) has been so de-emphasized that naturally, people tend to be this-worldly minded. Christians are supposed to be other-worldly minded, and our hope is not in this world but the next. This exacerbates the materialistic tendency which is already endemic to Chinese culture.

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