Education is economy stimulus in nations like Uganda

By March 19, 2009

Uganda (MNN) — For kids in third-world countries like Uganda, an education means more than classrooms and books.

Through the education component of their projects, Bright Hope International helps kids realize that they can escape poverty's hold. Although an education helps children break out of poverty, it also sustains them. Bright Hope's educational programs also provide salaries for teachers, new school buildings and dormitories.
Most of Bright Hope's projects in Africa, Asia and South America have an educational component for kids. When Bright Hope visited Buhoyo, a rural village in Uganda, they spoke with grandparents who cared for four young schoolchildren.

"There's no feeding program at their school right now," said the grandfather, "but they'll have something to eat, sometime today."

Through Bright Hope, kids in countries like Uganda, Peru, and Haiti are receiving a midday meal. This meal allows children to "stay awake and carry out their studies." Most of the children in these countries only have one set of clothing that they wear constantly. Bright Hope pays for school uniforms so that kids can have another set of clothing. Bright Hope also buys textbooks and pays school fees.

"These children have hopes and dreams," Bright Hope says. "They light up when they share their aspirations."

School children share dreams of becoming doctors, nurses, engineers and teachers. With an education, kids feel like they can break free of poverty and someday provide for their families.

With $30, you can help Bright Hope send a child to school for a month. If you'd like to help bring hope to a child, click here.

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