Egypt’s reforms touted; one mission group encourages more religious freedoms.

By May 31, 2005

Egypt (MNN)–Egypt’s reforms have gained positive press, making it a crucial time to address Christian persecution.

A case in point, Voice of the Martyrs, USA’s Todd Nettleton says 30-year old Gaser Mohammed Mahmoud recently converted to Christianity.

His adoptive parents committed him to the El-Khanka Hospital after learning he had converted from Islam to Christianity two years earlier.

The hospital medical committee placed Mahmoud under the care of a Dr. Nevine, described as a ‘fanatic Muslim.’ Nettleton explains that since his forced confinement, Mahmoud has reportedly endured beatings, whippings and potentially fatal injections.

While this case is extreme, it reflects much of the attitude of the country. Nettleton says, “If you’re a Muslim who wants to become a Christian, that cannot be done. You cannot get a new ID card, you cannot register a change of faith. So, it’s a country that definitely discriminates against Christians, and particularly Muslims who become Christians.”

The fact that many mission groups tread carefully in Egypt belies religious freedom claims. Nettleton says the case brings to light the truth of hostility against believers. “They would not see this, and they for sure would not admit in any kind of a public way, that this has anything to do with Christian persecution in Egypt. But the reality is, if Gaser Mohammed Mahmoud was still a Muslim, he would not be in this mental facility.”

Compass Direct agrees. They state in their report that officers of Egypt’s State Security Investigation regularly harass, interrogate and sometimes arrest Muslims suspected to have converted to Christianity.

Please pray for those believers, that their faith remains strong. And pray for those involved with evangelistic work, as their challenge will be encouraging growth in the outreach.

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