Eight house churches shut down in Indonesia.

By January 26, 2006

Indonesia (MNN)–Compass Direct reports that the government in West Java, Indonesia has shut down eight house churches.

The groups were meeting at the Rancaekek Kencana housing complex. However, on January 12th, local church leaders were asked to a meeting that included local government officials, police, the commander of the local military and the leader of a local Muslim forum.

Shortly after the meeting, they received letters, issued by the Office of National Unity and Public Protection. In them was an order telling the churches to stop using private homes as worship venues in Bandung.

Several churches met Sunday anyway, saying they had nowhere else to go. Their struggle has been getting permits for the function, but Compass reports that efforts to secure these permits began in 1993 and have been unsuccesful.

Until a permanent solution can be found, the Christians will meet in smaller groups for prayer. Please pray for a resolution to the situation.

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