Short term team sees action in Uganda.

By January 26, 2006

Uganda (MNN)–Uganda’s fight against the HIV/AIDS crisis was once held up as the example to follow. But, according to the study conducted by the Uganda Aids Commission, new figures for 2005 show that the the epidemic isn’t going away. What’s worse, is that it appears the decline of the disease has stagnated since 2002.

That means that not only do people continue to die, but also there are an addional 1.4 million children under the age of 17 living in Uganda who had lost one or both parents to AIDS.

AMG International’s information puts those numbers into perspective. The rate is nearly the entire population of Botswana, or about the same number of people who live in Idaho.

That creates a need that AMG was hard-pressed to meet. Since the mid-1990’s, they’ve been active in outreach, launching not only medical response, but also physical care and spiritual instruction.

AMG’s team just returned from a support trip to Uganda. Half the group worked at the Hope Medical Center at Bugongi. The goal was to help people who came for medical care find that the hope for their healing is only in Jesus Christ.

The rest of the team spent their time in Kampala working in a youth camp. Camp El Har (or Mountain of God) is a live-in orphanage on the outskirts of Kampala It’s a refuge of peace and hope for these kids, all of whom have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

By giving them the medical care and attention they need to live, and by giving them an education, the hope is that they grow up to be productive citizens of Uganda.

In addition, by sharing the Gospel with them, AMG hopes and prays that many will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and excel in the gifts God has given them.

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