eLearning Centers: magnets for ministry.

By October 3, 2005

International (MNN)–Electronic technology–it’s the wave of the future to global access.

However, in many parts of the world, even having availability hampers many people from getting involved. Expense is another problem in areas where poverty is the norm.

Much like English is considered a ‘must-have’ language in the world of global trade, computer savvy is also needed.

And, like English can be used to create avenues of outreach, so can technology. Greater Europe Mission has embarked on a unique outreach tool with that in mind.

They’ve created the eDOT program–electronic Discipleship, Outreach, and Training. Over the last five years, the teams have seen this innovative program, using computer technology, grow the Church in Europe and equip it for ministry.

GEM teams establish eLearning Centers, usually in churches, and provide up to 10 computers.

Computer centers are effective tools for ministry because many who would not attend a church eagerly flock to the centers.

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