English as a Second Language program goes virtual

By April 16, 2012

International (HCJB/MNN) — Teaching an English as a Second
Language typically brings to mind images of a classroom, books, a teacher, a
board, and students.

However, one missionary has broadened her classroom to take on the
virtual world. Janine
Rembas with HCJB Global is launching Spotlight English Clubs via Skype soon. She's prepping teaching material and
working with Web sites, volunteers, and language learners to get things smoothly
moving forward.

The idea is to capture a younger audience of English learners. By
jointly researching how young people communicate and consume media, not only
will she be teaching English, but she will also be teaching her students biblical

program is a collaborative effort between HCJB, ReFrame Media and Words of Hope. Since students can attend class virtually,
it's easier to be part of the learning community. As a result, the number of English-language
learners receiving weekly electronic mailings of Spotlight program scripts has
swelled. There are 5,000 subscribers in Latin America alone.

12 years, HCJB has aired "Spotlight" in Ecuador, later adding it to ALAS, the
mission's Spanish satellite radio network in Latin America. Spotlight has since
been adopted for use by stations in Spain, England, the U.S., Burkina Faso, and
possibly elsewhere in the world. Some of these stations are operated by HCJB
Global ministry partners.

with the normal growth of the Spotlight program, Rembas has adopted various
Internet tools: e-mail mass mailings, web pages, and digital file
caches. This complements Spotlight audio programs that seek
to deal with subjects of interest to a young adult audience.

on a Christian worldview, the programs include explicit Christian content,
using phrases such as "Christians believe …" or "the Bible says….." Both the
program and the clubs are intended to offer people an English-speaking
opportunity and the chance to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through these English clubs, people have opportunities to discuss
program content more deeply. Club volunteers have led people to relationships
with Christ in these settings.

The potential impact just keeps growing. According to Spotlight Productions last
year, Spotlight's Web site has attracted nearly 1 million visits from more than
400,000 visitors in 215 countries speaking 160 languages.

Keep praying for open doors and for creative interaction as people
are exposed to the hope of Christ.

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