Equipment aid puts medical practice on the map

By June 25, 2012

Dominican Republic (MNN) — Did you know that around 50% of medical equipment in developing countries doesn’t work?

That’s a problem for nations like the Dominican Republic, a country labeled by the United States Central Intelligence Agency as high risk for major infectious diseases.

Marylin Nauta, a medical practitioner in the Dominican hospital Central Medicos Evangelical Los Americanos, says, “The most common illnesses that we see are contagious infectious diseases. We even have people travel from Haiti.”

The need is great. But International Aid works to meet that need.

International Aid’s Medical Equipment Services is one of the largest reconditioners of medical equipment among non-profit organizations. Their ministry has enabled Nauta in her practice.

“Equipment at a low cost is what has helped the most,” Nauta says. “I’ve been able to get stuff from International Aid that I would not have been able to get down here.”

All medical equipment restored by International Aid is ensured to be in working order by their on-staff biomedical technicians, covered by warranty, and adapted to fit the power source of the area.

Through International Aid supplying medical equipment to Nauta–a dual Dominican and U.S. citizen, her medical ministry in the Dominican Republic recently earned her the U.S. Embassy’s Distinguished American Citizen Award.

According to Nauta, “I couldn’t do it without the equipment that I am able to get from International Aid. The equipment that I am able to get here is crucial and critical to the work that I am able to do in the clinic.”

Beyond just healing people physically, International Aid has enabled Nauta to be an ambassador for Christ in the hospital. Nauta desires that “I, my ministry, would be an open Bible read by the people, that they would see that it’s been a living sacrifice…the whole thing.”

Marylin Nauta will be returning to the Dominican Republic and continuing her practice. Pray for her ministry and that others may see the light of Christ because of it.

Click here to support International Aid in their efforts to supply medical equipment to developing countries and practitioners like Marylin Nauta.

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