Eritrean Evangelicals tortured to death.

By October 20, 2006

Eritrea (MNN)–Eritrean security police have tortured two Christians to death. Voice of the Martyrs’ Canada put us in touch with ‘Daniel’, a former Eritrean church leader who was familiar with the two men.
Immanuel Andegergesh, 23, and Kibrom Firemichel, 30 died while in custody, just two days after they were arrested at a religious service in a private home south of Asmara.

Eyewitnesses say the men died from torture wounds and severe dehydration in a military camp outside the town of Adi-Quala.

Daniel is alarmed because, “I see it as a significant escalation of the situation. I just hope and pray that this has been done by some wayward officials in those small towns. But, if it is taken as a government policy, it will be, indeed, a very sad and significant escalation.”

There are sometimes accusations that Christians are not patriotic. But in this case, that is also refuted. The military buried the two unmarried men Tuesday, October 17, in the southern Eritrean town near the Ethiopian border, where they had been performing their military service.

It’s these and other incidents like them that show the government is growing more bold in its oppression of believers.

Open Doors’ report on this same incident indicates three women and seven men, all members of the evangelical Rema Church, were kept in military confinement. Their fate remains unknown.

Daniel says. “We can pray that God would give them bountiful and abundant grace to endure this severe persecution, that we would present them before the throne of grace, daily. God sovereignly has allowed Himself to be influenced by our prayers.”

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