Peace moves in the Middle East falter; Christian satellite ministry broadcasts hope,

By October 20, 2006

Lebanon (MNN)–Attempts to re-open peace talks between Lebanon and Israel are not going well. Lebanon’s Prime Minister this week rejected offers for direct talks with Israel.

It’s the second time Lebanon has rejected overtures. Lebanon’s PM repeated his declaration that his country would be the last in the Arab world to make peace with Israel.

In spite of the hostile words being traded, SAT-7’s Naji Daoud, speaking from Beirut, says the situation is very calm, which has boosted the general morale of their staff.
However, “People are a bit concerned about the future. We hear a lot of talk about a coming war two or three months from now. That’s the general atmosphere which is not really letting people move very fast in terms of long-term plans.”

SAT-7’s team remained at their posts through the worst of the fighting in Lebanon. As for sharing the hope of Christ, they’ve shown how it sustains them. “We do have a live program that’s coming weekly from Lebanon. That is showing what happened in Lebanon, what the situation’s like in Lebanon, and it’s giving a message of encouragement for the viewers, and showing how the Lebanese are rebuilding the country or what they’re doing or how they were able to overcome the difficulties of the war.”

During the crisis, their staff learned that fervent prayer is effective. They asked for other believers to pray God’s protection over them, providing and answering their prayers.

They also learned that they can still produce programs even under such a stressor as war. The content of the programs, while not overtly evangelistic, comes from a worldview that follows Christ as Savior. That meant that the hope of Christ permeated every aspect their programs covered during the fighting.

There is still much of the story to reveal. SAT-7 staff are sending teams out even to the riskiest areas. They are creating stories about how the work of Christian groups are helping to rebuild, restore and show the love of Jesus to those most in need.

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