Escalating repression in Eritrea causes concern for believers.

By August 18, 2005

Eritrea (MNN)–Christian watchdog groups are gravely concerned over what appears to be an escalating course of repression in Eritrea.

Seventy Christians arrested in May have likely been sent to a detention center in one of the most inhospitable parts of Eritrea.

Of the more than 900 believers being held for practicing their faith, many are being lodged in 20-foot metal shipping containers in the desert.

Strategic World Impact’s Kevin Turner says for those who are arrested, there is little or no recourse. “They can’t go to some legal, physical power, some judiciary within the country, because it’s corruption, it’s unjust, and there is no ethical law. But they can appeal to the King of kings and we’re seeing God really work some incredible acts of deliverance.”

As evidence of God’s hand, Turner points to the recent release of several staff members from custody. The fact that they were released is what’s amazing.

While they’re rejoicing over the news, he says it’s a clarion call to other believers to get involved in kingdom building. Even as he speaks, he knows of other believers who have been taken into custody, many of them close partners with SWI.

For them, it’s resources and a willingness to use what is available. “If you see the poor, and you shut your hand, how can the love of God even dwell in you? This sentiment is echoed throughout Scripture, saying, ‘Look, those of you who have, you need to remember that [you are blessed], and as a way of saying thanks to God, give to those who don’t. The Eritrean church, the Sudanese church, they need our help.”

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