Ethiopian extremist group has plans for Sharia takeover

By November 11, 2011

Ethiopia (MNN) — Ethiopia has seen its fair share of radicalism. But recently, radical Islamic propaganda was found encouraging people to support Sharia law alone.

In a recent press conference, the Ethiopian government expressed its concern over the growing violence against moderate Muslims and Christians by radical Wahhabi Muslims, reports Voice of the Martyrs, Canada.

The government also announced the discovery of plans by the Wahhabi Muslims to turn Ethiopia into an Islamic country governed by Sharia law.

"We have found evidences and pamphlets [which] were publicly distributed during the month of Ramadan calling on the Muslim community to stand up against all non-Wahhabi Muslims and followers of other religions," said Mersessa Reda, the Director General at the Ministry of Federal Affairs of Ethiopia.

International Christian Concern reports that radical Islamic teachings of Wahhabi among Muslims in Ethiopia have been spreading. The group reports that a UN embassy cable previously warned that the Wahabbies "teach interpretations of the Koran that promote a far less tolerant view of other Muslims and non-Muslims alike."

Such information is troubling for Christians in Ethiopia, a nation that ranks within the top 50 for World Watch List of the persecuted church. Ethiopia comes in at #43 for persecution, just worse in its treatment of Christians than Palestine, which ranks 44th on the Open Doors list.

Pray for protection and courage for Christians living in Muslim-dominated areas of Ethiopia. Pray that the Wahhabi Muslims would not gain any more power to turn Ethiopia into an Islamist state, a move which would lead to increased persecution of Christians. Pray for continued guidance for the leaders of Ethiopia who are trying to deal with this recent news.

Pray that the church might continue to grow despite threats like this. Learn more about the Ethiopian church here.

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