European leaders visit Kyiv

By June 21, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — The leaders of France, Germany, and Italy visited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on Thursday. The show of support comes as combat in Ukraine’s eastern regions has ground to a standstill. Ukraine continues to ask Western powers for long-range weapons to turn back the Russian invasion.

President Emmanuel Macron of France received criticism for saying Russia “must not be humiliated” in order to preserve a diplomatic way out of the war. Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany, has been accused of not sending enough military equipment to Ukraine.


Despite the war, Trans World Radio (TWR) staff continue to produce Gospel programming from their Kyiv office. Frank Stephenson says, “I’m sure there are still tons of military checks. It just takes a lot of time to travel, even within Kyiv. However, they still do the work. Our ministry director for the region says she is really thankful and impressed by the production capacity that they’ve had.”

“In May, they did a lot more than we thought they would be able to do.”

One TWR team member, Natalya, continues producing despite moving around the country to avoid the fighting. First, she and her family moved south. Then, Stephenson says, “Things got really heated and dangerous in the south, near Odessa. So they fled further north. Now, they’re in the region of Kyiv. And who knows how long they’ll stay there?”

The TWR office near Kharkiv remains closed, as the region still sees artillery fire and some fighting.

The programming TWR produces includes Roma Camp Moves On, a program designed to share Jesus’ love with the often-despised Roma people of Europe. Roma who fled Ukraine often have trouble finding shelter in nearby countries.

Praise God for the faithfulness of TWR producers in Ukraine. Pray for an end to the Russian invasion.



The header photo shows Natalya producing content. (Photo courtesy of TWR)