Evangecube moves to support the church in the Middle East.

By April 1, 2005

Iraq (MNN)–The threat of violence against believers in the Middle East seems to have done little to deter one ministry and the outreach of the indigenous church.

In fact, E3 Partners Tom Doyle says their work in Jordan will serve as a focal point for additional projects in Syria, Egypt, the West Bank and Iraq. “We’ll be training an Iraqi church to share the Evangecube and share the Gospel as there’s lots of Iraqis now in Jordan.”

It’s a field, Doyle adds, that is ripe for harvest, “There’s probably about a thousand villages in Jordan. And, then (we’ll be) just putting together a plan to reach every village in Jordan, in the next couple of years with the Gospel.”

Evangecube’s goal is to spur the indigenous church toward growth. “We’ll train them, equip them with an Evangecube and then challenge them to share with two people a week, for a year. Once they make that commitment, we even have them sign a statement that they’ll pray that God will give them two people to share with every week for a year.”

Iraqi believers have a passion to reach their people, explains Doyle. Their last team leader reported that reception to the Evangecube training was enthusiastic, even going so far as to say, “With all of the churches and new believers springing up all over, Iraq will experience a great transformation before our eyes.”

If you’d like to sponsor a cube to help reach the unreached in the Middle East, they’re just $6. For details, go to: http://www.evangecube.org

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