Audio Bible ministry has a new name.

By April 1, 2005

USA (MNN) — Two ministries have combined their efforts and have formed a new organization with a new name. Audio Scriptures International, of Escondido, California, has been focused on producing recordings of authentic translations of the New Testament. Adopt a Village has been involved with the distribution and placement of those Scriptures.

Paul Hoekstra says together the groups developed a new tool to get Scripture in the hands of non-readers and they call it ‘The Talking Bible.’ Hoekstra says, “We have been using that in our outreach efforts in India and East Africa. As the demands for ‘The Talking Bible’ have increased we’ve seen that the two ministries, Audio Scriptures International and Adopt A Village, their ministry base is merging closer and closer together, so we’ve decide to merge the two organizations and form Talking Bibles International.

Hoekstra says this evangelism tool is getting a lot of attention from people. “As more and more people learn about ‘The Talking Bible’ they get excited. They want to use it. People here in the States have been using it in retirement centers and outreach to people who speak different languages.”

The Talking Bible has been produced in multiple languages. “Presently we have it encoded into 40 different languages. Those are primarily in Asia, here in North America, China and some languages in Africa.”

According to statistics there are about 1-billion people who can’t read. So, Talking Bibles International is doing something about it. “There are Bible publishing agencies that are publishing Bibles and new ones are coming out every year. And, we’re going behind those agencies and recording and putting the Scriptures into the Talking Bible,” says Hoekstra.

Talking Bibles have pretty ambitious goals. “Our goal in India is to place 100,000 Talking Bibles over the next three years. In Africa, we’re focusing on placing another 100,000 Talking Bibles in 10 language groups. But, we can’t do it alone. We ask people to contribute $40 dollars to help us place a Talking Bible.”

If you’d like to help Talking Bibles International click on the highlighted link for their contact information.

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