Quake devastation, fires widespread on Nias.

By March 31, 2005

Indonesia (MNN)–Monday’s powerful temblor has created aftershock chaos in Nias, Indonesia.

Crucial aid is now flowing into the region as survivors combed the rubble of buildings for loved ones. For some, it was a fruitless search for food. And always, people kept a wary eye on the shadows near the shore.

While no tsunami appeared off the Indian Ocean, the reminder of December’s events sent off shock waves. Hundreds are still missing, and the death toll is rising.

AMG International’s Paul Jenks says they are waiting to hear from their team. “There in Nias Island, we happen to have some national workers that were actually doing some evangelistic outreach, and so, even in their case, we’re just trying to make sure that they’re well taken care of and that they are doing now assessment in the island along the beach and trying to determine how we can be involved.”

For the children, the nightmarish sequence of events this week will likely cause more problems in the future. Jenks says that’s why they’re also developing an outreach for kids who have survived two earthquakes. “Even after the damage has been cleared away and new buildings have been placed, these children who have been traumatized need to have help.”

Counseling training courses are in the works, Jenks explains, with an eye cast toward the ministry. “Of course, the national workers who are there to do evangelism and church planting are learning that they have to be able to reach out to these people as well, so we are going to try to do training, later.”

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