FEBC continues rebuilding a Christian radio station in Mongolia.

By March 31, 2005

Mongolia (MNN)–Following a fire in 2003 that burned their ministry to the ground, there’s been ongoing construction of the WIND-FM Media House in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Volunteers from Finland just spent eight weeks on the project during the hardest part of the region’s winter.

According to information on Far East Broadcasting Company’s website, the main shell for the building was completed before winter.

Windows and doors came in this spring. The wall of the third floor is also slated to be laid in the next couple months, followed by a rounded attic and roofing.

The station serves the local community in a Christian context and provides programs that address the needs faced by Mongolian society.

Their programming includes “soft pre-evangelistic” programs that promote Christian values to this society. It’s a careful move aimed at presenting the hope of Christ to a people who have been indoctrinated by the Communist ideology for seven decades.

Team members are also underwriting an effort to reach the Mongol language groups of both Outer and Inner Mongolia. (Inner Mongolia is an autonomous region of China).

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