Evangelical books enter Italian classrooms

By August 7, 2008

Italy (MNN) — Italy is a country full of history and religion, but it is a country in need of the Gospel. While it boasts a Christian population, very few Italians have a true relationship with Christ or call themselves evangelical. However, Book of Hope volunteers are praying that will change.

La parola della Grazia is a small church located in Palermo (Sicily). Recently, Book of Hope representatives trained volunteers in preparation to distribute of 2,500 copies of the Book of Hope in their local community. So far, 1,900 copies have been handed out, with plans for the remaining books to be delivered in the following months.

For this distribution, the church decided to use its members who were teachers in the local schools to acquaint their colleagues with the Book of Hope. Using this simple strategy, more than 1,100 Italian students have received a copy of the Book of Hope.

Secondly, the church's youth leaders presented the Book of Hope to the religion teachers in the local schools. As a result, many of the teachers have adopted the Book of Hope as the official book for their religion hour.

Pray that God uses this distribution to not only remind students about the story of Christ's love for them, but that they'll begin a real relationship with Him.

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