Even the deaf need God’s Word

By September 18, 2012

Paraguay (MNN) — The deaf around the world are considered to be an unreached people group. Within each nation there is a language unique to them. These individuals need God's Word. With your help, The Seed Company is doing something about it.

Eyes, hands, motion, and rhythm — these are the basic elements of communication, language and art in the culture of Paraguay's deaf community. Approximately 300,000 people make up this vital part of the society. The deaf who live in densely-populated cities can attend special schools and churches. But those in rural areas don't have these advantages and don't learn sign language.

Regardless of location, all of Paraguay's deaf struggle with feeling isolated and unimportant in a dominant hearing society. Yet a common zeal for knowledge and information shines in the faces of deaf people throughout the region.

The Seed Company wants to help nationals develop 40 chronological Bible stories. These stories will be the first literature in Paraguayan Sign Language, providing hope and guidance in life. And with sign language videos, including the "JESUS" film, the deaf community will evangelize their own culture.

Prayer partners and funding are needed now to complete the project. The Seed Company is looking for nine people to pray for it. They need many more to get involved financially. Sign up for both right here.

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