Every Child Ministries plays a crucial role in harvesting Gospel work.

By August 17, 2005

Ghana (MNN) — Life is difficult for many in Ghana, West Africa. Every Child Ministries runs a home for orphans and street children, provides training for nationals, and brings in short-term workers to help support and encourage the ministry.

They are changing lives with the Truth of Christ, and inviting others to be a part of that work.

Cheryl Bockstahler recently returned from a short-term trip with ECM. Through the trip, her eyes were opened: “In visiting Ghana and seeing ECM there in Africa, I was very much aware of how much training is going on, and how much work is going on with the nationals. And so Every Child Ministries, we see it here, in where I live, but to see it there in Africa – training the teachers, training people to go into the schools, at the home, the street ministry, in training the nationals to continue on – was very very special to be able to see that.”

Ghana’s greatest need is for prayer, says Bockstahler, “I see the need for people to pray for the people in Ghana and for the children in Ghana. Life is difficult, not by any means impossible because they live very satisfying lives, but their life is much more difficult. Being in an African country, life is different.”

Bockstahler says, while she was in Ghana, she helped plant corn. As she placed the kernels into the soil, she sadly realized she would not be there to help when it came time to harvest. But through it, she realized God was showing her the role He had for her. She helped plant seeds for the Gospel during her time in Ghana, and now she is trusting God for the harvest through His workers who remain there full-time.

And through it all, it’s a heart for serving others with the love of Christ that matters, says Bockstahler: “Why I went was because I see, God’s allowed me to understand how important it is to be His arms and His feet to whoever we need to be His arms and feet to.”

When asked if she would go on another short-term trip, Bockstahler didn’t hesistate at all: “Absolutely. I see that God has enabled us to be able to do that, and it’s not just for young people. It’s for anybody. I think anybody should be able to do that.”

ECM is planning and fund-raising for next year’s trips. Click on “Go On a Trip” on the sidebar to find an ECM trip. Go to Every Child Ministries’ website to help support their work in Ghana. Click on the highlighted link above to get connected.

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