Every Child Ministries saves a young life

By March 31, 2014

Ghana (MNN) — “We take time to make major investments in individual children. God loves each child no matter what their condition,” says Every Child Ministries founder Lorella Rouster.

Every Child Ministries offers hope to the forgotten children of Africa and helps them rebuild their lives. Rouster tells the amazing story of a boy in Ghana with scoliosis who was impacted by the helping hands of ECM.

“Prince is a child at the boarding section of Haven of Hope Academy in Ghana that is operated by ECM. He was born with scoliosis, and his spine was curved so severely that his internal organs were slowly being crushed. This would have resulted in death.”

After Prince’s father left the family because of the medical condition, ECM missionaries in the area were able to arrange multiple surgeries to save his life. Rouster says, “He just completed his second surgery and has made unusually rapid progress and recovery. They were expecting a month of recovery; he is already back at the home.”

The team believes that this exceptional recovery resulted from the prayers of many who interceded for Prince.

Stories like this show the direct impact that ECM has on the lives of children in Africa. “This is important because it is ECM’s way of showing the love of Jesus to him personally and also demonstrating the importance of each child in God’s eyes,” explains Rouster.

ECM reaches out to thousands of children and families through big projects including Sunday Schools; they also make major investments in the lives of individual children like Prince. Rouster says, “God loves each individual and offers salvation individually. Many children like Prince become outcasts because of their condition.”

ECM helps many other children like Prince and wants to show that each child is valuable to God. “We would love to have people pray that God would use these demonstrations of love to bring Prince and all his family to Christ.” Pray also for ongoing opportunities for ECM “to reach out to many other children and families who have children with handicaps or with anything that makes them outcasts in society.”

Sponsoring a child like Prince costs just $32 a month, which includes committing to pray for and writing letters to the child. Rouster says it makes a huge difference in the lives of children. “To the child, it’s life changing because they receive opportunities that they might otherwise never receive–like having schooling and someone personally caring for them.”

Rouster quotes the founder of Liberty University, Elmer Towns, and says “God’s love is as big as all and as small as one.”

“It perfectly describes what we feel the Bible emphasizes. God loves all and overs salvation to all.”

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