Executions surge in Iran

By May 22, 2023

Iran (MNN) — State-sanctioned killings surge in Iran. Sixteen took place on Thursday alone, bringing the total to at least 112 executions in four weeks, according to The National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Authorities perform most executions inside prison walls. Three men killed on Friday were tortured in an Iranian prison for months because they joined anti-government protests.

“It just shows what they’re made of and who they are,” International Media Ministries President Denise Godwin says of the executions and the Iranian regime.

“[Iranian authorities] told the UN they weren’t going to do as many executions a couple of months ago, and here we are doing executions.”

Iran’s government is one of the most oppressive regimes in the world. It’s illegal to leave Islam, and Christians face never-ending threats. More about that here.

“People imprisoned for Christ say, ‘The most important thing is to pray for strength.’ They don’t want to give in,” Godwin says.

“A lot of the torture seems to involve [oppressors who say] ‘If you deny Christ, we’ll let you go.’”

As its name implies, International Media Ministries uses media to shine the light of Christ into the world’s darkest places. More about that here. In the next two weeks, IMM is launching a social media piece about Esther in Farsi, the national language of Iran.

“We’re hoping this social media piece will be a good tool to begin deeper conversations,” Godwin says.

IMM focused on Esther because “this one woman had to risk her life to stand up for many people,” Godwin continues.

“What is worth standing for? What is worth risking yourself for? The answer is Jesus Christ because He stood up and gave His life for us.”

Pray IMM’s video helps truth seekers learn about God’s Word and Jesus. “Pray that the video is useful, that God is in it, and that it’s able to change hearts and lives through God’s Holy Spirit,” Godwin requests.




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